• General Manager'Message;

  • We are the TESKON family with a history of over 20 years. Our team, which has made success a tradition, has carried out more than 160 projects in many countries of the world with the understanding of a relay race since its foundation. Today, we experience the honorable responsibility of delivering the flag we carry to next generations.


    The real reason for our successes is the ever increasing qualitative development of our team from the early years to the present. Large teams do not form easily; it takes time, dedication and experience. TESKON team believes that the experiences passed down from generation to generation will be formed by kneading with the corporate culture.


    The success of this great team has also been great. With the awareness of being one of the leading, deep-rooted and respected institutions of our country and our sector on the world scale, our belief in stronger tomorrows and our great manpower, we will continue to create works that add value to life and capture the future.


    Yours Truly ;
    Ali ALTIBAĞ | General Manager